Christian Cohort

A cohort of Christians sharing their thoughts on a number of subjects from theology, the church, Christianity, and the future of faithfulness.

About the Cohort

ProfileMike Lewis has served churches in Texas, Washington State, and Oregon. Today he is the Preaching Minister for the 29th & Yale Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Cascade College. Mike has eclectic tastes enjoying reading, music, drawing, playing the bassoon, and nostalgically finds joy in anything from his 1980’s childhood. Mike is married to Janna and has been blessed with two incredibly gifted children; his daughter Madeline and son Jordan.


Wes Hanson is the Preaching Minister for the Scappoose Church of Christ in Scappoose, Oregon. He is a graduate of York College with a Bachelor’s degree in Middle and Secondary Education. and is married to Rachel. Wes has 4 great children, loves cosplay, and maintaining his epic beard.

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