I spend a great deal of time online messaging a few friends during the day. We share articles with one another, read books together, share funny gifs and memes to brighten each other’s day. We also spend a lot of time discussing issues pressing the church’s response to things that happen around us in the world.

To our dismay, we believe that there are people in church leadership who have forgotten what God’s Word has said about these matters. I want to believe that it is unintentional and that maybe they have forgotten about the verses that are clear. But what my friend group is finding is that it is very intentional. There is a whole-hearted rejection of God’s theopneustos breath in Scripture.

I decided I wanted a place where we could share some of our discussion with the world around us and attempt to bring some of our thoughts to an already divided church. So we have created this Christian Cohort so you can have an ear in our conversation. We hope it is God-honoring, God-inspired, and God-sent.