My wife and I were living in Bonham, Texas. I wasn’t really very engaged with the news up to this point. I think I turned on the television to watch Sportscenter, but whatever we watched the night before had it tuned to one of our local networks with live coverage of a building in New York that had smoke pouring out of it.

None of the anchors really had much about what really was happening, only that witnesses say a plane hit it and crews were working on getting people out. And as I watched, another plane crashed into the other tower. It was then that I was awakened to the realities of our world…

Every September 11th, we think back to this moment in history. We have many of these pinpoints which pull our minds back to reminisce about what was happening in our lives and brings us to think about how God watches over us.

There is no way for us to ever be completely safe from all harm. But we can know that God is watching and holding us in His care. He loves us and cares about us.

I remember September 11th as a day of mourning. In some ways I mourn the tragedy of my ignorance. I really didn’t think about the world around me until then. But ultimately I mourn the loss of life on that day and the sinfulness of people and how much we need the grace of God and the loving mercy of Jesus Christ.

We “never forget” when things like this happen. Some still want revenge and live in anger. May we all “never forget” Christ’s love and “always remember” that God forgives and forgets our sin when we commit our lives to Him. May we commit to sending the Gospel into the world and sharing this message with everyone.

Grace and Peace,