I have had a Twitter account since the platform was launched. Hence, I was able to get my preferred account name @bigmikelewis with no issue. Over the years I have created other fun Twitter handles to tweet out ridiculous things that made me laugh. I haven’t used my real one in a while and recently logged back in and started tweeting again. I also took some time to follow some of my favorite celebrities and some other people who might not be as famous.

I don’t know if it’s an algorithm thing or if my tweets have been particularly interesting, but I have been followed by some “blue check” verified people myself. This week in particular, a producer for some well-known movies and a cast member from a popular television show. In the past I’ve also been followed by some other semi-to-very famous people like the late Fred Thompson, THE human-powered Twitter aggregator, the voice of a very well known service, and the producer of a documentary of one of my favorite people who has also passed away.

It’s been interesting to see my notifications and to see the people who decide they want to follow your words and ideas on Twitter. Most of the time, I do not know any of the people who click that follow button. And I often wonder why they decide to follow me. Was it something I said? Is it a particular post? Is it because I follow someone they follow? Is it because someone they follow retweeted something I posted? Or because they like my profile picture (which is the same one I use here)?

There is something special about being special. I think everyone wants to be known by the world. Something deep within each of us is the desire to be liked and even deeper to be known and loved by the world. Celebrity is contagious. My friend and college professor Brian Simmons would always joke that “Everyone” knows Mike Lewis. I would always laugh because no one outside my circle knows me. I just happened to be “around” a lot of different venues and made connections in college.

But I think that we all have a need and a desire to be wanted and to feel special. I can say that I really do get a little excited when a blue check mark Twitter member “follows” me. It also makes me want my own little blue check mark. Hey, I am a writer for a blog! I lead worship at a church! I started Vanilla Ice Memes on Facebook for crying out loud!!! Where’s my check mark?!

You know, maybe it’s better that I am not famous. I think being famous adds a lot of baggage to one’s life. You’re under the microscope more. People do actually start to listen to you even if they don’t like what you say. Then you get heat on you from those who disagree. Some are even mean and will threaten you with death (Not that I am scared).

Christ has done something for us that we may not get in the Twitterverse. He has given us a blue check mark. In His sacrifice for our sins, He has given everyone who follows Him Official Verfied Status! Those of us who follow Him are now sanctified and saved. We are set aside as special. We have been given celebrity status. He knows our name! He knows each of us and cares about us! I find THAT to be better than a blue check mark by my name on a social media platform. Each of us should find that encouraging. Each of us should care about that social status more than anything else and cherish it. Live as though you have been “followed back” by Christ.

As for Twitter…come on, I have been on there from the beginning. And I write Vanilla Ice Memes. That should count for something…

God bless!